Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Less than one percent of general dentists use surgical microscopes. Drs Remington & Stover-Mejias have incorporated microscopic dentistry into a routine part of their dental practice.

Utilization of this revolutionary technology allows the doctors and hygienists to see many details, such as fractures or cavities, which are not visible with the naked eye or even with use of magnification glasses. The surgical microscope is a useful tool in differentiating between healthy and unhealthy situations. With microscopic dentistry, Drs. Remington & Stover-Mejias are able to use higher magnification and thus be able to identify and correct these problems in the early stages.

Our microscopes are also able to project the image onto a monitor in each of our dental operatories to allow patients to watch us performing treatment. Our doctors and hygienists are able to use these tools to show patients their findings and thus better explain the recommended treatment options.

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